Hospitality Through Nature

Work of Art’s sincere approach to the hospitality medium is demonstrated above all by a respectful integration of nature, a reverence for its bounty, and a heartfelt appreciation for the many collaborators that assist in creating vibrant events.

Innovative Design for Multisensory Experiences

A well traveled and solid culinary team combines forces with a full-time designer. Work of Art creates one-of-a-kind food installations that will visually intrigue your guests as much as satisfy their hunger. Incorporating traditional flora, native plants, and vegetation with found object art is the Work of Art design signature.

Environmental Stewardship

Work of Art approaches catering with deep respect for nature and the environment. As the first San Francisco food business to pilot the three-bin recycling system and one of the first San Francisco Certified Green Businesses, Work of Art holds a high bar for careful waste practices and routinely produces nearly zero-waste events.